What services do you provide?


We are a full service video production company providing end-to-end services for branding, product, testimonial, documentary, and nonprofit videos. We're your partner from concept development to video marketing. See also our services and process.

What makes Herra Productions different?


Fit is it. We think it's important to work with people you like and trust; people who listen, who get your vision, and who wake up excited to create amazing art that tells your story.


And we don't just make videos. We'll help you build and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to promote your brand, product, or cause.    

What do your services cost?


This is typically one of the first questions customers ask when initiating a video project. It's also virtually impossible to answer upfront before understanding your message, audience, and goals (see "What should I know before contacting Herra Productions about a video project?" below). 

Shooting and editing video is only one part of video production. A realistic cost estimate will depend on the creative needs of each project, including highly iterative processes like concept development and scripting, and other services that will depend on your specific message and goals, including location scouting and casting. After an in-depth conversation about your message, audience, and objectives, we can provide you with a rough estimate, a cost range depending on a specific set of assumptions. If those assumptions change, we’ll ask you to review and approve a change order before proceeding.

If you already have a predetermined budget, let us know and we’ll determine what level of services we can provide. We’ll also try to scale our proposal to meet your budget requirements so that you get the best production value.

When comparing bids, it’s important to compare production plans, including creative approaches, crew ensembles, and production and delivery schedules, and not just the price. 

What should I know before contacting Herra Productions about a video project?

Below are some important questions to consider:

  • What is the problem or issue you’re trying to address?

  • What is your ultimate goal for your video content. Do you want to raise awareness for your brand or cause, sell a product, drive donations, or just entertain your audience? 

  • Who is your audience (ex. employees, volunteers, donors, customers) and where will your audience see your video (ex. on your website or a television commercial)?

  • What do you want your audience to do (ex. contact your organization, donate, or purchase a product), think, or feel after watching your video? 

  • What is your core message, or the one thing your audience needs to know about your brand, product, or cause?


You don’t have to have all the answers. We can certainly guide you through the early need-finding process, but spending some time thinking about the questions above before contacting us will help us more easily and quickly understand your creative and budgetary needs. See also our Contact form that includes some important details to consider when first contacting us.

Where are you located?


Our main office is located in San Francisco, California, and we've produced and shot videos across the United States and Canada.

Do you have a studio?


We have strong relationships with several studios and rent shooting space based on the needs of each project.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?